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 Sailor Moon Links (Where to read & watch Sailor Moon)

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Sailor Moon Links (Where to read & watch Sailor Moon) Empty
PostSubject: Sailor Moon Links (Where to read & watch Sailor Moon)   Sailor Moon Links (Where to read & watch Sailor Moon) EmptyMon Jun 09, 2014 2:01 pm

Sailor Moon Links (Where to read & watch Sailor Moon) 426202247 
Sailor Moon Links
Sailor Moon Official - The official site for Sailor Moon 20th anniversary project Where you can find information of the new anime. The page is in Japanese and if you have chrome it will translate it for you (click)
NicoNico- The place where Sailor Moon Crystal will be streamed on July 5th, 2014. You have to create an account in order to watch. Membership is free with premium membership being $5 us dollars a month. Note: You don't need a prem. membership to watch SMC when it comes out (click)
Hulu - Viz Media recently bought the license to show Sailor Moon back in the US.  Every Monday they will be uploading two episodes of the old Sailor Moon anime Subbed. On Hulu you can watch it for free on your computer. With Hulu plus you can watch it on your mobile devices and it cost $7.99. You can also watch it on Viz website.  (Hulu) (Viz)
Wikimoon - A place where you can fin any information on Sailor Moon (click)                                          

Miss Dream - You can download the Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga scanlations or the pdfs that can go on your tablet or Ipad.  Miss Dream translations come from Kodansha's Shinzoban (2nd gen) that was recently released in the U.S. Sailor Moon (click) Code Name Sailor V (click)
Neo-Nobility - This where I got the scanlations first before I got Miss dreams. Their translation is little different because I think they use the Mixx versions which called Usag, Bunny. (click)

Sailor Moon Center - This is an amazing site to download either the Sub or Dub versions of the anime via torrent. Stunning DVD quality. (click)
Watchsailormoon - Another place you can watch Sailor Moon online if you don’t want to download it. (click)
Isshou-Ni.net - You can download the subbed episodes one at a time here. This is good for people who are new to the show and don’t want to download the whole series. (click)
Justdubs - You can watch the dub episodes here online. (click)
Animeget - A place where you can watch SM anime online. (click)
Sailormoonepisode -  Another place you can watch Sailor Moon online. (click)

Anime Guides
The Sailor Moon anime is five seasons which span over 200 episodes plus 3 movies and some specials...
That’s a lot of episodes for someone who is just coming into the fandom or doesn't have time to watch the whole series before SMC comes out. Here are a bunch of guides that can help you figure out which episodes are essential to the plot and which episodes are basically fillers.  
Sailor Moon Essential Episodes - Someone took a screenshot of the list since the website doesn’t exist any more.  It’s list the episodes that are important to the plot (in black) & episodes that are filler or usually they get power ups episodes (in red). (click)
A tumblr called alicekaninchenbau is currently doing an episode guide too on their blog (they haven’t done Stars yet)
Here is their list:
Sailor Moon Classic - (click)
Sailor Moon R - (click)
Sailor Moon S - (click)
Sailor Moon SuperS - (click)

Sailor Moon Stars (TBA)
PGSM(Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)
The live action version of Sailor Moon that was based off the manga.
Missdream (click)
Veoh (click)
PGSM Forever ( click)
Daily Motion  ( click)
TV Nihon (click)
Gooddrama.net (click)

Credit to Tanya Tate for compiling this list together.
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Sailor Moon Links (Where to read & watch Sailor Moon)
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